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Collects anonymous nodejs module version upgrade statistics. Helps you decide if upgrading a dependency is likely to succeed.

Use with next-update dependency upgrade checker.


Even if you have some tests, knowing if other people upgraded from version X of module A to version Y in 100% of cases brings peace of mind. Similarly, if most people had failed to upgrade automatically from X to Y, that means breaking API changes and upgrade might be harder for your project.

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Module update statistics

See global upgrade statistics for a package


{{$first ? update : (update.probability|percent:0) }}

GET routes


returns all statistics for given package, example

/package/name/from version/to version

returns statistics for updating package from and to specific version, example The versions should be x.y.z strings.


returns next-update-stats server version

Small print

Author: Gleb Bahmutov © 2013

License: MIT - do anything with the code, but don't blame me if it does not work.

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Support: if you find any problems with this module, email / tweet / open issue on Github